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Few words about the artist

Belinha's passion and love for the arts and the beauty of the nature, her perfectionism as well as the delicately used vivid colors and materials in her creations distinguish her as an original artist/creator. ‘The Creation’ is what she loves in Art and the invention of an original work is for her a great source of joy and satisfaction.

Having lived for long periods of her life in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Greece and, currently, in Portugal, she was impregnated by various cultures influencing intensely her artistic style, which consists of a mixing of Belgian and German modernism, Greek classicism and Portuguese traditionalism.

Her painting on porcelain, glass and silk reflect her independent spirit which prompts her to deviate from the traditional painting methods and to experience successfully new techniques and materials, such as bronze, gold, silver, crystal and semi-precious stones. Also, her stone and bronze sculptures and jewelry creations show her contemporary spirit in art…

Belinha is a multi-skilled artist, which loves drawing the beauty of the body, the animals, the nature… and, also, she paints abstract on canvas with acrylics. Recently, she focused to create an innovative mixed technique, between canvas and broken painted porcelain, in order to obtain an inimitable and contemporary painting.

Apart from her own inspirations, she could work on customized tailored-made themes according to customers’ orders. In addition to table and living room decorations, her creations are used in bathroom appliances and decorations (washing basins and decorated tiled walls) as well as for restaurant, bar and hotel reception desk and wall decorations, because her porcelain paintings are fired several times at 720-1200º C rendering their colors indelible.

Belinha has participated with honors in several national and international porcelain painting expositions in Lyon (France), Brussels, Luxembourg, Paros Island (Greece), Lisbon, Olhão, Faro and Açores (Portugal).

She is a member of the administration council of the «União Portuguesa de Arte em Porcelana» (UPAP), also a member of the «Associação Algarvia de Pintores de Porcelana» (AAPP) and a member of the «International Porcelain Artists’ and Teachers’ Associations» (IPAT) in USA.

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"Genesis" by Belinha -
Porcelain Painting 0.75 x 0.75m, mat colors, fired 4 times at 780º-950º C.