Porcelain paintings

Belinha, as porcelain painter, uses various metallic, mat, iridescent and vibrant colour pigments mixed with a series of mediums, lustres and glass fibers to obtain multi-texture forms and aspects on the porcelain. She uses also 24k gold or platin to enhance her paintings. In some creations, she inserts crystals, semi pecious stones and water pearls to stress their beauty. 

Her designs come from her own imagination and they are inspired simply by the life. Therefore, all her creations are unique not resembling to one another.

For porcelain painting, she applies the following procedure:

After drawing a design on the porcelain, she fires the porcelain in a special oven before commencing its painting. Following the painting procedure, the porcelain must be fired from 720ºC to 1.200ªC depending on what result she wants to obtain. A creation can be fired normally between 2 to 8 times or even more.

Porcelain is very durable and can be passed on from generation to generation. Belinha is proud to know that her paintings will resist for years and years on!


"Trimorphic Eva"                                                                                                                                                          Porcelain painting 100 x 48 cm presented at the International Mega Exhibition Porcelain Painters' in Porto 2011.


"Love in the World Mythology"

frame measuring 83 x 63 cm presented by Belinha at the 'Lisbon Porcelain Painters' International Exhibition 2014 having as a theme "The God of Love in the world mythology".


"The Myth of Europe"

presented by Belinha at the Lisbon Porcelain Painters' Internatioal Exhibition 2014 as an independent theme painting.

"Desert Woman"

presented by Belinha at the 'International Porcelain Painters' Competition, Lyon 2012, having as a theme "the Raods of Silk".


"The coffee spirit"

40 x 25 cm


"Greece and the Sea"

frame measuring 140 x 60 cm created with the use of ancient pottery debris found dispersed at Antikefalos, Paros Island, sea sand and pebbles, old fishing apparel, porcelain artifacts and a lot of imagination...



"The Equilibrist"

80cm high statue created with the use of differnet painted porcelain pots and objects and presented in 'Lisbon Porcelain Painters' International Exhibition 2014.

"Yannis's Piano"

62 x 52 cm